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Installation Manual and Troubleshooting Guides
for Authentic X100P SE FXO PCI Card for Digium Asterisk VoIP PBX

Product Details

Detailed Documentation provided courtesy of our European Technology Integration Partner, Novavox Limited

Unfortunately there is a significant amount of inaccurate and out of date information regarding X100P cards documented within the Open Source community. The main reason for this is that most of the documentation available is based on the original Digium X100P card and low cost clones. For example, the Silicon labs DAA chip (Si3012/Si3035) used by Digium in their original X100P card and in low cost X100P clones only supports FCC/JATE line standards. However, the DAA chip used in the X100P SE card is a Si3014/Si3034, which supports global line standards including complex impedance for UK/Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

To provide our customers with accurate information we have put together a number of documents to support X100P SE card installation. The information provided focuses on Asterisk and Trixbox but can be used to help install an X100P SE card in any Zaptel/Asterisk based IP PBX system including AsteriskNOW, Elastix and PBX in a Flash. These documents include:

X100P SE PCI card Installation guide
Our X100P SE installation guide provides detailed step-by-step installation instructions that describe how to install an X100P Special Edition (SE) FXO PCI card in an Open Source Linux based IP BPX system.
X100P SE UK Caller ID Setup Guide
X100P cards cannot be used to detect Caller ID (CID) using polarity reversal because the Zaptel wcfxo driver does not support this feature. Therefore, to support CID on BT lines in the UK we have put this guide together which uses a Zaptel/Asterisk patch written by Tony Hoyle to store the CID in a history buffer.
X100P SE Global Line Standards Setup Guide
Unlike the original Digium X100P and the low cost X100P clone cards available, the X100P SE supports global line standards. The setup guide we have put together provides instructions on configuring global line standards including complex impedance for UK/Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Asterisk PCI Card Troubleshooting Guide
If you experience any issues installing your X100P SE card then please refer to our PCI Card Troubleshooting Guide in the first instance as it provides solutions for the most common installation issues.
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