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Quick Start Guide
for S100-FX One Port FXS Designed for Digium Asterisk VoIP PBX

Setup a FXS extension for Asterisk using S100-FX in 10 Minutes
Product Details

To configure S100-FX:
  1. Edit Asterisk conf file:

    • /etc/asterisk/iax.conf
    • add the following section (modify where appropriate) for each S100-FX:

      username=username ; remember to change this!
      secret=password ;remember to change this!

  2. Login to the web GUI of the S100-FX (default IP:, default password: 1234) and configure the network parameter and IAX configuration:

    • check or enable "use service"
    • server: the IP / hostname of your Asterisk box
    • account: the "username" as specified in iax.conf
    • pin: the "password" as specified in iax.conf

    Save and Settings and Wait for S100-FX to reboot.

  3. Run or Reload Asterisk

  4. Have Fun!
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