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JS200-FX v2.0 Embedded VoIP PBX Asterisk Appliance

Product Details

New! JS200-FX v2.0 Video Guides   
   A picture is worth a thousand words. How about Videos?

   Topics covered by the Video Guides includes:

  • Basic Configuration - Login, Networking and Wireless
  • Google Voice Config in 5 mins Part 1, 2 and 3
JS200-FX v2.0 Quick Start Guide
   Topics covered by this Quick Start Guide includes:
  • Product Installation
  • Network and Wireless Setup
  • Date and Time Setup
  • Reset and Reboot Settings **
  • Google Voice Setup
          ** Caution: Reset pin operations should be done AFTER unit has properly started up

Nerd Vittles JS200-FX Walk-Thru
   SOHO Delight: Introducing the Ultimate Asterisk Appliance
  • Getting Started with Google Voice
  • Connecting to JS200-FX Asterisk Appliance
  • Configuring Networking on JS200-FX Asterisk Appliance
  • Configuring Google Voice on JS200-FX Asterisk Appliance
  • VoIP 101: Learning the Basics of Asterisk-GUI Management
  • Configuring Asterisk on JS200-FX Asterisk Appliance
  • Interconnecting JS200-FX Asterisk Appliance to Remote Asterisk Server
  • Making Free SIP URI Calls Worldwide
  • Implementing 7-Digit Dialing with Your Favorite Area Code

   Firmware Updates:

       Change Log

         v3.4 (Download)

  • Google Voice engine code update for Google server issues dated June-July 2016
  • Fixed Google Voice engine stability issues
  • License key is no longer required for firmware updates
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated Google Voice setup routine to cope with Google server discontinuing legacy authentication method support
  • Fixed a bug in startup script which could result in very long bootup time
  • Default LAN IP changed from to to minimize chances of
    conflicts with existing network configuration
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed WAN configuration javascript bug causing problem in latest browser
  • Fixed setup issue for Google Voice account with large address book
  • Fixed SMS sending problem for some Google Voice accounts

Time Zone Settings Files   
          Time zone files for use in JS200-FX's "Date and Time" section

MikroTik Syslog Daemon   
          Freeware Windows platform Syslog Server
          For use with JS200-FX's Asterisk Console Remote Logging feature
          Courtesy of MikroTik
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