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STOC-FX Professional FXS To FXO Converter for VoIP ATA
FXS to FXO Converter for DigiumTM Asterisk FXS Ports’s STOC-FX is the World’s First Professional Grade FXS to FXO Converter designed for All VoIP ATAs on the market.

STOC-FX Converts and Enhances any ordinary FXS port VoIP ATA (Analog Phone Adapter) into a Full Featured, Failover and Forwarding FXS + FXO device. With the STOC-FX enhancement, making VoIP call is no longer limited to home or office location. Now you can make or receive VoIP calls intelligently while away from home or office (e.g. from a cell phone or payphone).

Designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind, STOC-FX is highly configurable through its programming menu and works with any VoIP ATAs on the market. STOC-FX supports predefined auto dialing number or user can input dialing number at runtime. Line access password can be enabled or disabled according to user’s preference and Caller ID White List feature enables privileged caller to bypass line access password with convenience.

STOC-FX implements a number of advanced features to safeguard your phone lines or VoIP ATA from staying off-hook indefinitely.

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Product Features:

  • Convert any VoIP ATAs with a common FXS port into an Intelligent FXO port device.
  • All functionalities works in both calling directions.
  • Extend the reach of VoIP Calls to local phone network (e.g. other local phone numbers, local cell phones, etc).
  • Integrate VoIP ATAs into existing legacy phone systems
  • Maintain High ROI (Return of Investment) for your VoIP equipment
  • Works with Worldwide Busy Tone signals: Configurable Busy Tone Frequency and On / Off duration
  • Busy Tone Collision Handling
  • Programmable and Highly Flexible
  • Administrator and Line Access Passwords
  • Caller ID White List: Identify privileged users by Caller ID to bypass Line Access authentication.
  • Support Bellcore / FSK and DTMF Caller ID specifications
  • Call Progress Detection by Voice Activity (VAD)
  • Call Progress Detection by User Key Activity (UAD)
  • Manual or Preset Dialing numbers
  • Assembly Language Core: Efficient and Stable
  • All features work for both landline and VoIP
  • Built-in pass-thru ports.
  • Tested and compatible with popular VoIP ATAs on the market
  • Universal Voltage Power Adapter Included.

Tested with STOC-FX:

STOC-FX supports any VoIP ATAs and any VoIP devices with a FXS port on the market. The following VoIP ATAs and Telephony Cards has been tested with STOC-FX in X100P.s lab.

How STOC-FX Works

Technical Specifications
  • Voltage: DC 9V
  • Dimensions: 140 x 100 x 30 mm (L x W x H)

Package Content
  • Brand New in Box STOC-FX Professional FXS to FXO Converter x 1
  • Universional Voltage Power Adapter (100-220v) x 1
  • RJ-11 Phone Cord x 2
  • One (1) Year Limited Warranty

Rs Reset Pin
Bz Busy Tone Detection Status LED
Lb Line B Status LED
La Line A Status LED
Pw Power Status LED

Bz Busy Tone Detection Adjustment Knob
La Line A FXO Port (Connects to PSTN or VoIP ATA FXS Port)
Pa Line A Pass through Port (Connects to phone headset)
Lb Line B FXO Port (Connects to PSTN or VoIP ATA FXS Port)
Pb Line B Pass through Port (Connects to phone headset)
Pw Power Adapter Connector
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