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Authentic X100P FXO PCI for Digium Asterisk VoIP PBX
> New and Improved - Special Edition!

FXO for DigiumTM Asterisk

What's New in Special Edition  (More Details)

  • Fully Industrial Grade Surface Mounted Components
  • Enhanced PCI Bus Connectivitiy and Stability
  • 3.3v and 5.0v PCI Slots Compatible
  • High Quality TDM card Build
  • Global Line Standards Compatible
  • Improved Caller ID Signal Circuit
  • Low Profile PCI Bracket Included
  • DTMF Detection and Voice Quality Tested under Asterisk
Best of Breed Genuine X100P!
Limited Quantity Available. Get it now while you still can!

Product Highlights

  • The Only Authentic X100P FXO PCI for DigiumTM Asterisk available Today!
  • Unmatched Quality. Each card Quality Assured under Official Asterisk Releases
  • Supported and Warranted by our Asterisk Professionals
  • Works out of the Box with Official Asterisk Zaptel Driver
  • Connects Asterisk Box to PSTN
  • Hardware Timer for Asterisk Features like Music on Hold, Conference, Trunking, etc.
  • Not a Knock-Off or "Generic Clone"
  • Not only a compatible
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  FXO or FXS?
  Looking for FXS Adapter for Asterisk?
  What is Asterisk?
  List of Asterisk's Advanced Feature


The X100P is The Defacto Standard Single Port FXO Interface for Asterisk. It provides a single, full featured FXO interface for connecting the Open Source Asterisk PBX server to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Authentic X100P allows Asterisk to make calls to or receive calls from a traditional analog phone line. The X100P is affordable and ideal component for building Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voicemail applications.

It supports all standard enhanced call features including Caller ID, Call Conferencing, and Call Waiting / Caller ID.

Also features the Latest Revision of the Original DAA chipsets with numerous Bug Fixes.

By combining the X100P and the Power of Open Source Asterisk PBX, one can easily, economically implement sophisticated yet flexible call services. Such services ranging from multi-menued IVR, multi-protocol VoIP gateways, directory services to business class voicemail.

More About the Special Edition

  • Fully Industrial Grade Surface Mounted Electronic Components
    Rock Solid Performance, Minimal Interference.
    Not a single protruding component (well, except for the RJ-11 phone line socket). Shipment Safe.
  • Authentic X100P Special Edition Cheap Knock-Offs, Clones or Copycat Products

  • World's First Low / Standard PCI Profile Convertible X100P FXO Interface Card
    Perfect for Server Chassis or Small Footprint Implementations with Small PCs
    Low Profile PCI Bracket Included in every purchase
  • Authentic X100P Special Edition
    Low Profile PCI Bracket Installed
    Authentic X100P Special Edition
    Standard PCI Bracket Installed

  • Global Line Standards Compatible
    While preserving Official Zaptel Driver Support, our engineers enhanced the X100P SE with Global Line Standards Support.
  • Authentic X100P Special Edition
    Supports Global FCC, CTR21 and More
    Line Standards for 71 Countries:

    Cheap Knock-Offs, Clones or
    Copycat Products Supports
    FCC Line Standard
    for 23 Countries only:


  • Enhanced PCI Bus Connectivity and Stability
  • Un-Retouched Photo Showing:
    Authentic X100P Special Edition (Top)
    Cheap Knock-Offs, Clones or Copycat Products (Bottom)
    • High Quality PCB and Golden Pins
    • Enables Stable PCI Connection
    • No More Fatal "PCI Master Abort" !

  • Multiple QC Tests Performed Under Official Asterisk Releases
    Each card has been Quality Assured at the factory for the following:
  • Excerpts from the Asterisk Dialplan
    used in our QC Department
    • Voice Quality, Inbound and Outbound
    • Voice Level, Inbound and Outbound
    • DTMF Dialing, Outbound
    • DTMF Detection, Inbound

Technical Specifications

  • One FXO Port with RJ11 Connection
  • Built-in Pass-Thru port
    Enable use of the phone line while not occupied by Asterisk
  • All major signalling modes supported
  • Global Line Standards Compatible
  • CallerID, CallWaiting / CallerID
  • Digital Gain Control (Transmit and Receive)
  • PCI Half-Length Slot
  • Standard and Low Profile PCI Slot compatible
  • Compatible with 3.3v or 5v PCI Slots

Package Content

Genuine Parts
Holographic Warranty ID
  • Factory Sealed, Brand New in Original Box
    Authentic X100P FXO PCI for DigiumTM Asterisk x 1
  • Standard PCI Profile Bracket Attached on Card x 1
  • User Convertible Low PCI Profile Bracket x 1
  • RJ-11 Extension Phone Cord x 1
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Facts that other vendors do not want you to know

How to tell the differences between all the so-called "X100P" ?
There are 3 types of cards Asterisk would recognize:
*Screenshots from the official, original Zaptel driver install

Cheap "OEM X100P","Clones", "Compatibles", Knock-Offs

The X101P (note the 101, not 100) is a Low-end version of X100P which uses low grade chips

Authentic, Original X100P Speaks for Itself!
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