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About Us strives to bring high quality yet affordable hardware products to the Asterisk community.

We believe more people should be able to try out Asterisk's facinating capabilities. Since DigiumTM stopped offering product for the low cost market years ago, the growing demand for Asterisk "starter" affordable hardware raises tremendously everyday with the increased publicity of Asterisk.

Many newcomers to Asterisk wanted to try out this exciting piece of software but the entry ticket fee for the hardware was too high. was the First to Revive and Improved the Legendary X100P FXO PCI card for affordable, entry level Asterisk users. Many people around the world has now tried out Asterisk's rich feature sets and at the same time built personal and office advanced phone systems based on Asterisk and's product.

Apart from individual home and office users, many Solutions Providers worldwide have chosen's product to integrate into their Asterisk-based solutions due to our fully supported and trusted, high quality products.

We are contantly working to improve our existing products and will continue to bring other exciting Asterisk-centric solutions to the community. So Stay Tuned!
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